Sunday, December 9, 2007

Designism:Strangers in the Night with Tom Bodkin

You know how you feel when at attending an industry cocktail reception,you often see those that you had some previous encounters.
So,few years ago at an Art Directors Club event,at its former location on Park Avenue South,I was talking to Walter Bernard,in fact reminiscing about my New York experiences,when he points out to me in the crowd , an individual who had recently defamed me in a letter.With Walter's assistance I was introduced to Tom Bodkin,as a French colleague.
I only wished I could have been flattered by Bodkin's glances and rufflings,but in reality quite innapropriate after a few minutes of my muse.A few moments later,I informed him that I was actually the recipient of his letter.

Checking round to see how others feel..... (Tony Hendra)

If you're an artist or designer, whether graphic artist, comic artist, art director, poster maker, web designer, animator (sorry if there are categories I've left out) and you want to put your skills to use in the struggle for America, join us. Whether you want to get in people's bloodstream or get in their faces, whether you want to subvert or provoke, chip away quietly at the weak points in the fortress walls or plaster every available urban surface with your brilliance, join us. Design for your life, design for America, design for social change and social and professional justice.
Enough of LIES& Co.

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