Friday, December 14, 2007

Consciousness: The Inside Truth about Steve Heller and Milton Glaser

And in a Jacques Derrida's state of mind and mood..........,
yesterday I attended a conference at the Art Directors Club,
.A call for Social Change.

Yes,we need a Change.[H]e (Milton Glaser)said that the reason there are so few female rock star graphic designers is that “women get pregnant, have children, go home and take care of their children. And those essential years that men are building their careers and becoming visible are basically denied to women who choose to be at home.” He continued:
“Unless something very dramatic happens to the nature
of the human experience then it’s never going to change.”
We all should simply be honest and sincere.A call for integrity as Giorgio Vasari,restoring integrity in Florence and considered to have named his movement as Renascimento,renascere,born again.
And have self respect. Thus,respecting others and the world.The Earth,Air and Water.No need for ideologies or buttons.
Human Civilization is always in a state of revolution. It calls that phenomena,evolution,innovation.
So, for an example the Renaissance,where the rulers surrounded themselves by thinkers,artists ,musicians ,writers and artisans,they succeeded in inplementing a wave of creativity.In that historical period a transformation took place in social,scientific,cultural and political areas,which brought a new world vision to mankind.

Hitler on the other hand,took the same concept,using design and graphic art to terrorize and murder,thus opening completely Pandora's Box to man's capacity to depravity and annihilation.
There I was looking at the stage,31 years later.
Two individuals that I met when I first arrived in New York City.
I debated with myself about going there,more for my own health,than anything else.I have nothing to hide or to fear.
Just an immense pain as it world be natural no?
How would anyone feel,when robbed of his or her legitimate rights to work and express his or her intellectual views and actively and productively participate of the world we live in?Moreover,that at this point of our lives,it is nice to look back and cherish our achievements.
This two individuals concurred to sabotage my livelihood,while also
compromising my personal and professional image .
At the end of the session,they passed by me,pretending that they have never seen me before and Steve Heller as in other occasions zapped as fast as a bullet out the door. His consciousness,surely choking his guts.
The guru with many hats. Oh yeah. One of the hats, that most in the graphic community are not very well informed about.
But someday,as it is certain, the truth will surface.In the meantime,
great damage done.
So answering Tony Hendra,who I met last night also.
He asked me,so what happened to you ?

For years, they stood by mutely or actively approved
as a team cooked the image to justify their lies.
Wrote books to buy his influence,gathering a mutual self loving and ass kissing one another's . So along the lines of what the Great Decider was and still enacting
And recently jumping on a "Social change"caravan.
Apropos:Reminds me of a very religious neighbor I had. She was incredibly pious.Every Sunday,there she was,rain or shine,praying at the Church. Jesus Christ on the walls and dangling on her neck.
But,also at home,she installed a lock on the refrigerator to prevent her maid of sharing or eating any food beyond the flour she allowed her to eat?

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