Thursday, December 27, 2007

Man & Woman Department: Benazir

Pakistan looked to me, I decided to make a personal sacrifice in what I thought would be, more or less, a loveless marriage, a marriage of convenience. The surprising part is that we are very close and that it's been a very good match. Q: At the time of your engagement, many women's rights advocates felt betrayed because they saw arranged marriages as part of the second-class status of women. A: Well, I don't agree with that. People today do computer dating. Is that a betrayal? When it's difficult to find a man, for whatever reason, one has to look for mediation. I feel there is someone to spoil me, to take care of me, comfort me. It's so nice to have somebody who cares about you. I was so lonely after my father died. I felt I was taking care of everybody else. With Asif, for once, I had somebody with whom I'd lay my hair on the pillow and feel I was safe. I'd love to arrange my own children's marriages. I say that because I've been so happy.

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