Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Food for Thought: Urbi et Orbi

Wearing gold-embroidered vestments and a bejeweled bishops' hat, or miter,
Benedict urged the crowd to rejoice over the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth, which he said he hoped would bring consolation to all people
''who live in the darkness of poverty, injustice and war.''
''May the child Jesus bring relief to those who are suffering and may he bestow upon political leaders the wisdom and courage to seek and find humane, just and lasting solutions,'' he said.
Poor Jesus died on a cross ,naked with only a worn out schmatte on his private parts.
Praise the Lord. Aleluia.''to the city and to the world''.

He said he hoped for consolation to ''those who are still denied their legitimate aspirations for a more secure existence, for health, education, stable employment, for fuller participation in civil and political responsibilities, free from oppression and protected from conditions that offend human dignity.''

Such injustices and discrimination are destroying the internal fabric of many countries and souring international relations, he said.

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