Friday, December 14, 2007

The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter:An echo as a Reminder:Biden

Reading about Senator Biden
With Ease After Hardships
and drawing parallels:
From Memories, There’s No Escape
Forged by Crises
For real. I know what I believe,
I know what I want to do,
and I’m just comfortable saying it, and laying it out there.”
As the years passed, the tragedy receded in people’s memories,including life-threatening cerebral stroke
and other health issues.which brings to my mind the words of Pedro Manuel Gismondi,a wonderful man,I met in Brazil,when I was growing up.
Gismondi,was an art critic,a History of Art professor and director of the Galeria Seta in Sao Paulo. He liked to say :An artist must live with the feeling of walking with a stone inside the shoes"
And this stream of consciousness can be applied as an answer to the questions being raised all over the world,the"malessere",the "malaise".
It implies a collective funk- economic,political and social .
Instead of looking for the culprits,(they will camouflage themselves as much as they can) every individual on his own,must behave and act with a sense of consciousness.

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