Saturday, December 22, 2007


drawing by marguerita
Sarkozy is very close to a lot of media barons and he has managed to create for himself a sort of phenomenon. He has almost become an icon, a complete media animal.
In a country where virility is prized almost as much as a perfectly ripe Camembert, Sarkozy's ability to seduce such an alpha female has lent him a certain frisson. Despite Sarkozy's small stature - he stands at barely 5ft 5in - and his well-publicised marital problems, he has always proved popular with the female electorate, Sarkozy's mixture of arrogance and toughness that proves so potent among French women, although Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, is said to be irritated by his habit of hugging and kissing her on the cheek at every meeting. 'He's got a lot of energy and I think the French have a sort of split relationship with him that shifts between a sense of admiration and a sense, almost, of jealousy.' Voila: Sarkozy rimes with Jealousy....... But until the glossy patina wears off, there will doubtless continue to be a steady trade in 'I love Sarko' underpants.
And: He had a large plate of sliced saucisson in front of him that he ate all through the interview without offering it to anyone else.',,2231732,00.htmlSpecial reports

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