Friday, December 7, 2007

Designism 2.0: An Event in 4 Parts and an InconvenientTruth

Join design activists at the ADC’s annual event for a half-day of inspirational presentations, provocative conversation and a Call to Action uniting designers and Marguerita behind meaningful change.

"Mas se você não erguer a cabeça e não se fazer valer, ninguém, por mais que te ame, ou que admire seu trabalho, poderá fazer mais por você do que você própria."

Poxa, menina... Li as mensagens que você enviou pra uma amiga sua, e li também a resposta dela. Pena que você esteja tão longe daqui. Adoraria poder fazer mais que uma exposição ou escrever artigos sobre você. Não sei como pode uma artista com sua história, com esse talento todo ser tão humilhada assim.
Obviamente que você é vítima nisso tudo, mas se mas se você não erguer a cabeça e não se fazer valer, ninguém, por mais que te ame, ou que admire seu trabalho, poderá fazer mais por você do que você própria."

I am besides myself, watching the shameful ongoing political circus unraveling in America, the country I was led to believe ,to be the symbol of wholesomeness, the dream of the Old World in search of Peace and Collaboration, ha.

Here ,we are witnessing a non stop parade of devastating lies,that have caused Death and Misery all over the Globe,

Destroying a country,Iraq,submitting the world into a state of Fear,
beyond imagination,stifling all around, and
affecting generations,balance and harmony.

A President that used and abused the minds of every creature on this Earth,a man who usurped the right of another man to lead,and yes he lead a SHOCK and AWE status quo and still there.

Designism 2.0: An Event in 4 parts.....

s subjected to a similar treatment on a
personal level,to which I am protesting and will protest until the Truth will penetrate the ears of many and hope ,that they will come out in my favor,as I am fighting for my life,as a human being,a citizen and a professional,who unjustly was silenced since 1976,by the lies of an individual, who until today is operating.behind the shield of the newspaper NYTimes.

So,while the newspaper itself has been condemning the political mendacity, rampant and polluting our world, the editors,
who through time have been replaced, even the current one, Bill Keller ,have refused to talk to me ,to try to clear the damage I suffered, the “character assassination” I was
caught in.

In the meantime, as I am battling alone in this conundrum :
the individual that harmed me so profoundly is still at large, acting out his life as some professional guru:

His name is Steven Heller.

For not getting a response from his sexual advances, right on my first week here in New York City, in retaliation, after my first drawing published in the OPED page of the NY Times, Heller blackmailed every agent or artist representative not to take me on ,thus preventing me of getting work or my work published .

As I met them,when I looked them up,I was told that also.

(By the way,I was introduced to the NYTimes, to Louis Silverstein, Corporate Art Director, by Walter Herdeg,the GRAPHIS publisher, who published my work in the #179.)

Heller then wrote me a letter, alerting me that he would cause me trouble and that I would not be able to survive in New York as a cartoonist.I was so shocked when I received his words that I tore the paper into pieces immediately.

He also refused to deal with the consequences that hurt me,by trying to find a reasonable way to clear my image that he denigrated,by responding with" It is water under the bridge for me. You just fuck off!"

Since I was a young girl,I started working in the press in Brazil,where I faced also sexual harassment.Women at that time,where not accepted socially, to be working and I endured a lot of hardship.I was ahead of the time,my artwork highly innovative in the printed medium as well ain Tv,where I created the title opening for a avant-garde soap opera, O Rebu,written by a very known Brazilian playwright and satirist,Braulio Pedroso.I had two Humor Pages running in national publications,my drawings were all over, in advertising campaigns,books ,besides taking part in art exhibits and getting art awards,while working for O Estado de S.Paulo,Folha de S.Paulo and Jornal da Tarde.
Brazil was under military dictatorship and the climate was very disturbing for intellectuals,journalists,artists,theatre and musicians,and in many cases mortal.
Walter Herdeg was writing to me and besides the NYtimes he also introduced me to Georges Dargaud,in Paris.He He was seriously advising me to leave Brazil and go preferably to New York,as he thought my vision and artwork would certainly be welcomed and nurtured here.
Robert Hughes and Herb Lubalin vouched for me,along Louis Silverstein and there as never a reason that I could fathom,to caused me any setback,if not the wicked lies that Steve Heller spread left and right.
How could I defend myself,all alone,being a daughter of Holocaust survivors,with my mother,as my dependent and my only source of survival,my artwork?

Milton’s Glaser wrote a letter affirming my qualifications.while patting me on my back with " COURAGE,my dear????????

No wonder then,that I, my humble self,who left Brazil,where I had achieved national recognition as a young woman, a young artist,despite the macho resistence,from which I got sick of confronting.
The public there,was unaware of the saga I was enduring,as they simply reacted and loved my drawings,my humor and following suit,my artwork was published in Europe,until a series of maligning slander,travelled from the reigning macho cartoonist in Brazil,coming out after me step by step wherever I was getting myself published.mind you,on my own,without any “hollywoodian” marketing,meaning,with no agents,or marketing devices.

Well, I never gave up my hopes that I will prevail as a professional artist,cartoonist and citizen in this country where I am also legal,an achievement through my international recognition.

In the meantime,I still desire to see my book projects published,my drawings published ,as I must prove to my two sons,who were born here,that I am not a myth.
I am real,always was, a very creative individual,a trooper and love life,which transpires in my artwork.

And I am sick of carrying a load of lies that were thrown at me,instead of working and being the happy self and contributing to the world.

Amen and as the Adc proclaims: Action for the Life of Marguerita!


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