Thursday, December 27, 2007

A man's world:Zoe Margolis

How can we ensure that sex is seen as something healthy and positive and fun, and not just a means to make money or a way for women to win male validation?
The misogynistic, sexist, offensive crap that saturates the majority of the porn market has a lot to answer for here, in my opinion. With its disposable attitude towards the women it features and the lack of empathy displayed, porn has a huge influence on the development of young men's sexuality and teaches boys from a young age not to respect or appreciate women. Instead, boys learn that they are consumers; that their desires will be catered for, that women are there to be enjoyed. Men, almost always assumed to be the viewers of porn, are therefore provided with an unrealistic, never-ending fantasy of sex, where an assortment of freely available beautiful women will respond to their every sexual whim.

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