Monday, December 10, 2007

Lucky Frog & Pineapples

A well-traveled frog who stowed away in a box of pineapples gave the Düsseldorf fire department something to do on Monday. The little green guy escaped unscathed.
It was a perilous trip, but ultimately one with a happy ending. A shelf stocker at an organic supermarket in the western German city of Düsseldorf was startled Monday when she opened a box full of pineapples and found herself face to face with a frog.The problem? The box was from Costa Rica. Not being a herpetologist herself, the store employee was concerned that the little green guy might be poisonous. She called the fire department.Ultimately, the experts who were brought in to identify the amphibian determined that it was nothing more than a harmless tree frog, albeit a well-travelled one. The supermarket is pleased by the find -- had the pineapples been treated with insecticide, the frog likely would not have survived the journey.

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