Monday, December 3, 2007

Sexy Affective Disorder & Etc

Do Americans have confidence in the government's ability to solve the nation's problems ?
As frustration takes hold in the land of optimism, Americans are beginning to resemble Germans. They are collectively depressed over the Iraq War, the weak dollar and the aging of the baby boomers. Presidential candidates are left to preach change to an electorate that is afraid of it and why America is in such a bad mood.... .,1518,519890,00.html

Gabor Steingart, 45, has been a journalist for SPIEGEL since 1990. He is currently reporting from SPIEGEL's Washington, D.C. bureau. His best-selling book "The War for Wealth: Why Globalization is Bleeding the West of Its Prosperity" will be published in the United States in April 2008 by McGraw-Hill. His column, "West Wing -- The Battle for the White House," appears exclusively on SPIEGEL ONLINE on Tuesdays.

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