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Claude Moliterni : La cochonnerie :The Evidence


02/07/2006 -
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Inauguré en 1974, le festival de l'humour de Piracicaba au Brésil est une plus importantes manifestations de ce genre en Amérique Sud.

Piracicaba était, il y a quelques trente ans,une ville ou l'industrie principale était basée sur le sucre.Pour ma part, j'ai participé à ce festival en août 1975 invité par mes amis, Zelio et Ziraldo où j'ai présenté une retrospective de la bande franco-belge suivie d'une conférence.. Les plus grands dessinateurs d'humour et de bandes dessinées du continent nord et sud américain ont défilé au long des années.On peut citer Sergio Aragones, Dickinson (Punch), Paulo Caruso, Lucas et Fausto Longo, Henfil, Ziraldo, Jaguar, Claudius etc.

Claude Moliterni




photo by marguerita
Do not take for granted unrivaled love of life,laughter and folly.

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Of hedgehogs and horses

It is critical :
Horses have spirit, heart and drive.
“Girls love horses.”
Learn to work with a partner
to understand the need for discipline.

Hedgehogs are small, spiny mammals that have not changed much over the past 15m years. Nocturnal, insect-eating and once part of a rural diet, the hedgehog has been written about in English since at least 1450.

Photograph: Corbis

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Recognizing generosity: David Valentine and Raider Ramstad

NEWS from CHINA:Recognizing James Fallows on how to

make use of communication and good will

the saying " If there is a will,there is a way"

Posted: 28 Aug 2007 11:44 PM CDT

This week in his Wall Street Journal "Middle Seat" column, Scott McCartney* compliments Denny Flanagan, a United Airlines captain who goes to unusual lengths to make sure his passengers enjoy rather than endure their flights with him. (Placing mass orders for food from McDonald's if passengers are stranded for hours, calling the parents of children traveling unaccompanied on his plane, etc.)

I have compliments to pass along to two of Flanagan's colleagues, United captains David Valentine, whom I have met, and Raider Ramstad, whom I haven't.

Last Saturday morning China time, when I was in the rural hinterland, I got a very early-morning mobile phone call from a friend on the U.S. east coast, where it was Friday night. For medical reasons I won't go into, it was a matter of life-and-death importance that a close friend of his in New York receive a certain medical supply, available in Shanghai, as soon as possible.

He had contacted the international courier companies -- DHL, UPS, FedEx -- and had learned that, between weekend-service issues and time allowed for customs clearance, they could not deliver it fast enough. Also, it wasn't clear that they could keep it cold, in its insulated box, long enough to survive all the stages and formalities of the journey Did I happen to know anyone flying from Shanghai to the US in the next day, who might hand-carry it?

I sent Blackberry email messages** to several friends in Shanghai, who in turn immediately asked around but didn't find any candidates. Then I thought of David Valentine.

Last October, when returning to China on United's San Francisco-Shanghai nonstop, I'd met Valentine when I got up to stretch in the aisle of the plane and he was out of the cockpit on a break. We talked about flying, sane and insane approaches to aviation security, etc, and exchanged email addresses. Maybe he was still flying in and out of Shanghai?

I sent him a Blackberry message, and he swung into all-out action. He found out through United the names of the pilots scheduled for the next day's flight from Shanghai, and although he didn't know them, he got in touch with them. He saw that the pilot scheduled on the day after that was someone he did know, Raider Ramstad. The two of them began acting as if getting the medicine to New York fast was their responsibility -- even though their connection with the affected parties was attenuated indeed. (The patient-> my friend -> me -> Valentine -> Ramstad.)

Because of a screwup on the Chinese supplier's end, the shipment just missed Ramstad's flight -- and got onto one a few hours later, through other arrangements. But that was not for any lack of time, effort (checking with United to see what exactly was permitted), willingness to expose themselves to hassle (customs-clearing the medicine), and personal expense (many calls to China) by these two United pilots. And all on behalf of someone they didn't know and hadn't heard of before the call for help came in. I thank and salute them.

* I "know" McCartney electronically through the online forum for Cirrus airplane owners.

** The unevenness of today's communications: I was in a place with no internet service and practically no landline telephones. But the phone call came in on my Chinese mobile phone, on the omnipresent China Mobile network; and my Blackberry, running on TMobile, was able to piggyback on that same China Mobile network to send and receive email.

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Buy Marguerita art

“The sense that buying art is important, vital, cool, accessible, sexy is not going away,”

An urgent call :SAY NO TO DRUGS

The Amy Winehouse saga took another, highly public turn today
after her in-laws staged what could be described as an intervention live on national radio.
Giles and Georgette Fielder-Civil, the parents of Winehouse's husband Blake, appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning, imploring fans to stop buying the singer's records because she and Fielder-Civil are addicted to drugs.,,2157575,00.html


She also revealed her sense of humor.
When asked by a woman journalist, "You mean you didn't have anything on?" she replied breathlessly:

"Oh yes, I had the radio on."

Fancy Pants dixit

drawing by marguerita

''just to get kind of a flavor'' but rarely read the stories.
''The best way to get the news
is from objective sources,'' he went on.
''And the most objective sources I have
are people on my staff who tell me
what's happening in the world.''
''Bold Action'' and ''Big Ideas.''

Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter (1969)


An anthropologist looks into the roots of the open-hand shrug gesture and finds they run deep.

drawing by marguerita

The upturned palm, is one of the oldest and most widely understood signals in the world.
It’s activated by neural circuits inherited from ancient reptiles
that abased themselves before larger animals.
Chimps and other apes, notably humans, adapted it to ask not just for food, but also for more abstract forms of help, creating a new kind of signal that some researchers believe was the
origin of human language.
If that’s true, if human eloquence can be traced from a primal message
signifying “Gimme,” I’m not sure what conclusion to draw about our species.
Maybe that we are inherently social creatures who survived and prevailed against mightier animals by learning to enlist
the cooperation of others.
Or maybe just that,
in our heart of hearts,
we are all slackers.


The genus, originally spelled Plumiera, is named in honor of the seventeenth-century French botanist Charles Plumier, who traveled to the New World documenting many plant and animal species.
The common name "Frangipani" comes from an Italian noble family, a sixteenth-century marquess
of which invented a
plumeria-scented perfume.
Plumeria is related to the Oleander, Nerium oleander, and both possess poisonous, milky sap, rather similar to that of Euphorbia

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Costa Rica Monkey Movie

Of monkeys,snakes,butterflies and rubber

monkeys calling

A study a species of Amazon butterfly, potentially of pharmaceutical interest because its larva secretes a toxic goo that causes numbness, paralysis and may contribute to arthritis. Authorization was delayed for months, and when it finally arrived, it was for only one day — in February, weeks after the larvae have finished their metamorphosis.
Fears of biopiracy, loosely defined as any unauthorized acquisition or transport of genetic material or live flora and fauna, are deep and longstanding in Brazil. Nearly a century ago, for example, the Amazon rubber boom collapsed after Sir Henry Wickham, a British botanist and explorer, spirited rubber seeds out of Brazil and sent them to colonies in Ceylon and Malaya (now Sri Lanka and Malaysia), which quickly dominated the international market.
In the 1970s, the Squibb pharmaceutical company used venom from the Brazilian arrowhead viper to help develop captopril, used to treat hypertension and congestive heart failure, without payment of the royalties Brazilians think are due them. And more recently, Brazilian Indian tribes have complained that samples of their blood, taken under circumstances they say were unethical, were being used in genetic research around the world.
The great valley of the Amazon is rich in species of Monkeys, and during my residence there I had many opportunities of becoming acquainted with their habits and distribution. The few observations I have to make will apply principally to the latter particular. I have myself seen twenty-one species; seven with prehensile and fourteen with non-prehensile tails, as shown in the following list:--

3 Howlers, viz.--Mycetes ursinus, M. caraya? and M. Beelzebub;
1 Spider Monkey,--Ateles paniscus;
1 Big-bellied Monkey (Barrigudo of the Brazilians),--Lagothrix Humboldtii;
2 Sapajou,--Cebus gracilis (Spix) and C. apella?;
4 Short-tailed Monkeys,--Brachyurus couxiu, B. ouakari (Spix), B. rubicundus (? Calvus, B. M.), and a new species;
2 Sloth Monkeys,--Pithecia irrorata and an undescribed species;
3 Squirrel Monkeys,--Callithrix sciureus, C. personatus and C. torquatus;
2 Nocturnal Monkeys,--Nyctipithecus trivirgatus and N. felinus; and 3 Marmoset Monkeys,--Jacchus bicolor, J. tamarin and a new species

Spix, in his work on the monkeys of Brazil, frequently gives, "banks of the river Amazon" as a locality, not being aware apparently that the species found on one side very often do not occur on the other, though the fact is generally known to the natives. In these observations I have only referred to the monkeys, but the same phænomena occur both with birds and insects, as I have observed in many instances.

The Hamptons....

drawing by marguerita

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I hate clothes that suggest little or no experience with life.
This has never been John Galliano’s problem.
expressed the different characters
Authentic lives

wordplay by marguerita
a sound of tinkling laughter
intoxicating combination
of shifts and eye-popping
total freedom
in full swing expressed
through glamorous
slowing down
the mind
with its shrunken
winds and swirling


painting by marguerita

Clear Rain

Du Fu

Heaven water autumn cloud thin
From west 10,000 li wind
This morning good fine landscape
Long rain not harm farming
Full willow row little green
Hill pear flower little red
Bold eggplant upstairs fruit
One goose into high sky
The sky's water has fallen, and autumn clouds are thin,
The western wind has blown ten thousand li.
This morning's scene is good and fine,
Long rain has not harmed the land.
The row of willows begins to show green,
The pear tree on the hill has little red flowers.
The eggplant boldly fruits upstairs,
One goose flies high into the sky.

Ancient Olympia on fire

Writing in the Sunday Vima, the columnist Rihardos Someritis summed up the mood: "We had a beautiful country but we are increasingly losing it to fires, rubbish and the illegal buildings [built on land cleared by blazes].
"Blazes around the outskirts of Athens, which woke up on Sunday to flurries of ash, and halted the progress of fires near the city of ancient Olympia on the Peloponnese, where the first Olympic Games were played in 776 B.C.
The city itself still contains the ruins of the old stadium and several pagan temples, including one to the goddess Hera.
'All of the Peloponnese is destroyed. This is an environmental disaster. All down to the sea, it’s destroyed.”
photo by john kolesidis,,2156360,00.html,1-0@2-3214,36-947702@51-947475,0.html
The charred remains of a mother holding her child in her arms; people burned alive in cars as they tried to flee; panic-stricken villagers trapped in flame-encircled homes; and thousands evacuated to beaches - these were among the scenes being witnessed in Greece as some of the worst wildfires in living memory ravaged the country.

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Entao,Washington Olivetto?

Advertising world

Washington Olivetto:

Don't Cry for us,Argentina

Em sua estréia no Jornalirismo, Washington Olivetto analisa a propaganda brasileira, numa comparação com a propaganda dos hermanos argentinos. E revela que a publicidade de lá ainda não supera a de cá, apesar da má fase criativa. Olivetto diz acreditar também na longa vida das mídias tradicionais e chama de “afoitos” aqueles que anunciam o contrário. Washington Olivetto está na área, ele quer briga, ele quer propaganda com cor local, ele quer a grande idéia. Seja bem-vindo, Washington, a casa é sua. Leia mais


Observa q o Brasil ostenta uma populaçao de 190 milhoes mas que só um percentual muito pequeno tem poder aquisitivo e nivel cultural para absorver.......

PROPAGANDA | 23/08/2007



O argentino Gabriel Dreyfus escreveu nesta quinta-feira, 23 de agosto, no portal (, uma resposta ao artigo publicado aqui no Jornalirismo pelo publicitário Washington Olivetto.

Gabriel é um dos melhores publicitários argentinos de todos os tempos (para alguns, inclusive para Washington Olivetto, é “a maior estrela da publicidade argentina”).


drawing by marguerita
wordplay by marguerita
Onrushing joy
and twilight melancholy
emotionally charged
at the edge
as surprising as it seems
Who’s listening?
thinking about
So she waits
for a kind word
and thinks
drawing by marguerita

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Viva Sex!

drawings by marguerita
“Human relationships are important to the very end".
For many people sexual activity does not diminish much at all.”

and what about the crocodiles?
Crocodiles hail from the great age of reptiles well over 70 million years ago.
Since then, the world has changed dramatically around them, but amazingly, they have changed little. They are the only great reptile predator to have outlived the dinosaurs.
Ancient they may be, but 70 million years on, they are still the most successful freshwater predator. Most of the waterways in the tropics these days have their own species of crocodile. How come that they've been so successful for so long?
Well, it seems that their design, when it first appeared, was already very advanced, and it's kept them successful ever since.
They have a ability to slow their metabolism down to almost zero and thus not have to feed for lengthy periods, for up to two years in some cases.
Crocodiles are sensitive to touch.
When she hears his rumbling invitation, she wastes no time, and the low frequency calls guide her through the murk and vegetation. Female alligators move freely from the territory of one male into that of another's. Even though the call may come from the remotest part of the swamp, she soon finds him. Then, things get intimate. After lengthy calling, the physical part of the courtship begins. Alligators may mate with several partners during the short summer breeding season. Crocodiles are extremely sensitive to touch.

I love cheese too!

Alex explains what kicked off his cheesemaking and reveals that Blur fans don't buy records any more - they buy cheese.